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2030 … is imminent, only 15 years!

Bacteria and insects appeared on earth 3800 and 400 million years ago respectively. Man has only existed for 200,000 years, yet his control over the planet and its resources is so strong that his has modified the climate. Today, Mother Earth shows tangible signs of exploitation and exhaustion.

Larvatria is heir to a pioneering tradition fully aware that marine and terrestrial resources are limited. Within 15 years, we will be 9 billion people on earth. We will be living then with the consequences of climate change that we ourselves caused. The choice in essential proteins for livestock and aquaculture is currently limited and all the while demand is growing. To diversify supply and break the vicious circle of overfishing, used to supply fishmeal to farms, Larvatria proposes the discovery of a healthy and plentiful, yet totally neglected, source of nourishment: Edible insects as a source of protein for livestock, emerges as a pragmatic ecological solution.

But even with insects, it is still necessary to grow and feed them in a healthy, effective and economical manner, all without compromising the food supply for other species.


Long before man, Mother Nature had created insects, cousins of crustaceans. The industrial processing of edible insects is the solution advocated by Larvatria, to ensure the future supply of essential proteins to livestock and farmed fish.

Both prolific and nutritious, insects are high in protein and can be eaten whole or incorporated into other foods. They are efficient, have a very high growth and food conversion rates as well as contributing to a cleaner environment. They have always been an important pillar of the food chain, a cornucopia of nature.

The industrialization of the Larvatria process uses a multidisciplinary team of professionals: entomology, bacteriology, nutrition, engineering, computer science and management. They have the vision, knowledge and determination to execute a winning strategy. This new paradigm, supported by the United Nations, is part of the urgent need to change our habits to overcome the many challenges that humanity faces in the coming years.

Man is the only known species that can act deliberately. The Larvatria solution demonstrates that it is possible and profitable to combine economy and ecology, thus providing food security, sustainable development and value creation. For the livestock industry and aquaculture, is the promise of having balanced and sustainable food stock. For humanity, it is the solution to the predicted shortages and famines. For Larvatria, it is a sensible solution and a winning strategy for all.

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