The management team

Gilles A. Bouchard / President

Mr. Bouchard, an administrator by training, is the developer and architect of the Larvatria project. He has an honors degree in Business Administration from UQAC. He began his career at the Quebec Cartier Mining Company where he accumulated for four years as an analyst jobs in cost, deputy director of the warehouse and financial analyst. The following seven years he held the position of Senior Vice President and General Manager Telesystem National, a telecommunications company that has experienced tremendous growth. He then accepted the position of President and Chief Executive Officer of Mux Lab, a public computer manufacturer for a recovery principal of four years. He worked five years later as Vice President Finance at M3i, a subsidiary of Hydro-Québec, and eventually working as a self-employed professional.

After several years of study and reflection, he redirected his energy to study the needs in business areas of concern, keeping with his core values and ambitions: nutrition, ecology and adaptation to climate change in the twenty-first century. His desire and determination to meet the complex challenges of security and food traceability, protection of biodiversity and the reduction of greenhouse gases within the context of self-sufficient agricultural production, lead to the creation of Larvatria Corporation and the solution it proposes.

Climate change caused by endemic pollution and rapid population growth are challenging the traditional supply chains of food and water. His philosophy stems from the observation that “it is often useful to examine and understand what nature has found as a solution than reinventing the wheel,” he likes to say. His readings of entomology, bacteriology and nutrition juxtaposed with business management, led him to imagine technical solutions and a realistic business solution for the animal feed industry.

gab@larvatria.com |  Linkedin

Frank San Martin / CIO

An IT specialist, in telecommunications and robotics, Mr. San Martin has over 27 years of experience in various fields such as: Software for Mobile devices, VoIP Telephony, Network Infrastructure Architect, Wireless Communications, LAN / WAN / WLAN networks, Programmable Controllers and Internet Solutions. He has worked in several positions, such as Director of Information Technologies (CTO), Chief Operations Officer (COO), Director of Technical Services, Support to telecommunications sales, technical support and consultant in information technology. His professional life led him to work in several renowned companies such as IBM Canada, Bell Canada, Telus, Rogers, Bombardier, BDC, National Bank, ISM, M3i Systems, Hypertech BDCR, Canada Post, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, (California, USA), Thames Water (London, UK).

His curiosity led him to want to learn every day what has raises awareness of global issues of overconsumption, pollution and environmental destruction. This project is close to his heart because it gives him the chance to change the world one step at a time.

 fsanmartin@larvatria.com | Linkedin